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How a Michigan Felony Case Works

| Jeffrey Randa |
This article is the companion piece to the last Blog installment about Misdemeanor Cases – From Start to Finish. To begin with, its scope is limited by my experience in the types of Felony cases that I handle (what I…

Michigan Traffic Offenses – Leaving the Scene of an Accident (Personal Injury)

| Jeffrey Randa |
In the previous Blog entry, we discussed the Misdemeanor Offense of Leaving the Scene of a Property Damage Accident (PD). This article will discuss the similar, but more serious Offense of Leaving the Scene of a Personal I…

Domestic Violence in the Tri-County area – Getting the Victim to Show up in Court

| Jeffrey Randa |
In my last post, entitled “Domestic Violence in the Metro-Detroit area – Someone is Going to Jail,” we confirmed the general belief that when the Police are called to the scene of a Domestic Dispute, some…

Michigan – What to do (and not to do) if the Police or a Detective calls you

| Jeffrey Randa |
It’s time to take another break from my long, on-going series of articles about Driver’s License Restoration in Michigan. In this article, we’ll discuss an issue that arises often enough in my Practice as…

Pre-Trial in a Typical Michigan Misdemeanor Case – Part 1

| Jeffrey Randa |
In Part 1 and Part 2 of a previous Blog Post, we examined the very first proceeding in a Criminal case, known as the Arraignment. This article will deal with the next step in all Misdemeanor cases, called the “Pre-Tr…

Michigan Arrest Warrants – What is a Bench Warrant?

| Jeffrey Randa |
As a Criminal Defense Lawyer who appears in Detroit and Suburban Courts almost every day of the week, I hear and see Judges issue a “Bench Warrant” often. Most people have a general understanding of what a warr…

Michigan Criminal Offenses – Having a Conviction “come off” your Record

| Jeffrey Randa |
As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Michigan, I am often asked about keeping Criminal Charges off of a person’s record, or having such charges “come off” their record after a period of time. This post will …

Michigan Criminal Charges – Avoiding a Conviction with HYTA

| Jeffrey Randa |
One of the first questions that I ask any caller, as a Criminal Attorney practicing in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties, is “how old are you?” I ask this because there is a provision of Michigan Law, Called t…

Drug Possession in Michigan – Keeping it off your Record with 7411

| Jeffrey Randa |
As a Criminal Defense Attorney in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, handling Drug Possession Offenses, including Possession of Marijuana, in the Detroit area is part of my everyday routine. Sometimes, a person with whom I’m spe…

Getting out of a Michigan Traffic Ticket or Avoiding the Points

| Jeffrey Randa |
A fair share of my time, as a Metropolitan Detroit Attorney, is spent in Court handling Traffic Tickets. When I get a call from someone who is considering fighting a Ticket, they usually want to know 1 of 2 things: 1. Is t…

Domestic Violence in Michigan- Dropping the Charges

| Jeffrey Randa |
As a Criminal Defense Attorney practicing in Macomb, Oakland and Wayne Counties, I know that most people do not think of themselves as wife-beaters or spouse abusers. Most people, in fact, are not. Yet this is precisely th…

Drug Possession in Michigan – What is the Amount Required?

| Jeffrey Randa |
“How can they charge me with possession for such a small amount?” This is another question that comes up quite often when handling drug cases. Possession charges can come about when a small amount of drugs, or …