Fees and Costs

Let's talk money. 

On the one hand, the ridiculous amounts some people pay for drunk driving defense is cringe-worthy, while, on the other, one must wonder what a person could have ever expected when they hunted for the "best price." 

With the exception of those cases being fought at a trial, a DUI case should not cost as much as a new car. Legal fees should be commensurate with what you're going to get, and nobody should pay for a trial that won't take place.

Moreover, less than 1/4 of 1% (in other words, less than .25%, and often way less than that) of all the people arrested for a DUI in Michigan each year actually go to trial and win. 

Can I interest you in a policy of end of the world insurance?

Just as you can pay too much, you can pay too little.

Cut-rate fees don't buy top-notch legal services. In the history of the world, no one has ever hired a bargain lawyer and gotten first-rate legal representation. Anyone looking for the "low bidder" in terms of fees should remember that, whatever else, you'll never get what you don't pay for, either.

Here is what we charge, although as noted therein, the amounts listed in the "Fees" section of this website supersede anything else:

First (1st) Offense DUI case (Misdemeanor)

Where there has been no accident causing serious injury to another person (those cases are felonies and are charged as Driving While Intoxicated Causing Serious Injury or Death) our fee begins at $5200. The retainer requires $2600 down ,with the second half due prior to the conclusion of the case, meaning the sentencing.

High BAC case (Misdemeanor)

High BAC charges can only occur is a person has no prior DUI convictions within 7 years and his or her BAC result was .17 or higher.  Fees in High BAC cases, often written as "OWI with BAC of .17 or greater" begin at $5600. Sometimes, a person's BAC can be above .17 and he or she is not charged with the enhanced offense.  This fee listed here only applies when the actual charge is High BAC

Second (2nd) Offense DUI case (Misdemeanor)

Not involving a serious injury to another person, our fee is $6400. The retainer requires $3200 down with the second half due prior to the conclusion of the case (the sentencing).

Third (3rd) Offense DUI case (Felony)

A change in the drunk driving laws in 2007 allows prosecutors to charge a person with a third offense felony for any third offense within the driver's lifetime

That means if a person had a prior offense 27 years ago, and other 17 years ago, and now another, he or she can be charged with third (felony). 

Almost everything about a DUI case is different, as in a lot more serious, when it's charged as a felony. 

Our fee in a 3rd Offense felony starts at $8000.00. We begin with a retainer of 1/2 ($4000) down and usually require full payment prior to the conclusion of the case (although other payment arrangements can be made), which is typically the sentencing.

In all DUI cases, we stick as close as possible to the fees listed above, and put everything in writing. 

It's that simple and that transparent - as it should be.

Client Reviews
Five stars hands down!! Jeff and his legal team represented me in a seemingly impossible situation. I had many obstacles to overcome, in the end I walked out with with my driving privileges reinstated. Jeff and his team were very helpful Peter
Thank you for your knowledge and help in winning restoration of my driving privileges. I tried before on my own, lost (of course) and am glad I found your site. Katie
Just wanted to thank you for winning my license appeal. I was so happy when I got the letter in the mail that said I had won. I thank you so much for all your help and would be so happy to give your name to anyone who needs to get their license back. Mike
I wanted to thank you for taking my case. I would tell anybody trying to get their License back they need to talk to you. I should have done this a long time ago. Doug