The Importance of a Guarantee

Many of our clients remark that it was our guarantee that influenced their decision to hire us for their Michigan driver’s license restoration or clearance appeal. 

We are profoundly grateful to be able to do that, and for the confidence it inspires in our clients, but the truth is that we couldn't imagine NOT backing up our words - and our work - with a guarantee. 

For all of the experience and skill we claim as the basis of our success, and for all of our self-confidence, we absolutely should back it all up with an ironclad warranty, and we do

After all, if you lose a license appeal case, you can't file another for at least 12 months, and you're stuck on the sidelines. For us, that means having to do the case all over again, for free, next year. 

Because winning your case the first time is so critical, our guarantee means that we’re both invested in doing just that.

There are very specific rules and requirements to win back your Michigan license, or obtain a “clearance” so you can obtain and out-of-state license. 

Understanding exactly how the Michigan Secretary of State’s Office of Hearings and Administrative Oversight (OHAO) applies and interprets them is key to winning your appeal. 

My team and I handle well over 200 license restoration and clearance cases per year. We spend all day, every day, working on license appeal and reinstatement cases. 

As a result, we have the skill and experience to really know what we're doing, and that's exactly why we can guarantee our services.

We screen every potential client carefully to ensure he or she has what's necessary to win, and that starts with having honestly quit drinking.

To be perfectly candid, we let a lot of cases go out the door by declining to take cases for people who aren’t genuinely sober, but without that sobriety, we can't guarantee success, either.

It would be very profitable if we simply accepted every potential client willing to pay our fee, whether or not they meet the Michigan Secretary of State’s criteria to win. 

However, we don't. If we lowered our standards to do that, we couldn't provide our guarantee.

We earn our livings by winning license restoration and clearance appeals the first time around. 

Because we guarantee to win every case we take, it's critical that our office screens every potential client to make sure they can win. 

My team and I play by the rules and never try to “game” the system. We do things the right way

Our honesty and integrity are not for sale. 

The secret to our success is simple: you must be sober for us to take your case.  

In that regard, the very first question a driver’s license restoration lawyer should ask a potential client is: “When did you quit drinking?” 

Genuine sobriety is the absolute minimum requirement to even have a chance to win a license appeal. 

If you think otherwise, then try it on your own, or with another attorney who doesn’t have these standards. 

You won’t get a guarantee, and you won’t get your license back, either.

The 2 most important legal requirements of the license appeal process are:

  1. That your “alcohol problem is under control," and,
  2. That it is "likely to remain under control.” 

This means that, through the evidence must prove you haven’t had a drink for a "legally sufficient" period of time (we generally want a minimum of 18 months' clean time before we'll move forward) and that you are otherwise a safe bet to never drink again. 

Make no mistake, saying this is one thing, but proving it is quite another. If you've tried a license appeal before and lost, then you already know how hard it is.

We can’t offer our guarantee without requiring sobriety, but neither can we require sobriety without losing a lot of potential clients, either. 

My team and I are happy with the choices we’ve made, and our guarantee means that we won’t take your money unless we know that we can win your license back. 

In addition to our providing a guarantee, we also do something else unheard of: 

We strongly recommend that anyone looking for legal representation to win a license appeal take the time to read around, check around, and compare lawyers. There is simply no downside to being a good consumer.

What other lawyer or law firm does that?

If we take your case, there’s no need to ask about your “chances” of winning. Our guarantee means you will get back on the road. 

You simply cannot do better than that.

But we encourage to you to call around, and find out for yourself.

Client Reviews
Five stars hands down!! Jeff and his legal team represented me in a seemingly impossible situation. I had many obstacles to overcome, in the end I walked out with with my driving privileges reinstated. Jeff and his team were very helpful Peter
Thank you for your knowledge and help in winning restoration of my driving privileges. I tried before on my own, lost (of course) and am glad I found your site. Katie
Just wanted to thank you for winning my license appeal. I was so happy when I got the letter in the mail that said I had won. I thank you so much for all your help and would be so happy to give your name to anyone who needs to get their license back. Mike
I wanted to thank you for taking my case. I would tell anybody trying to get their License back they need to talk to you. I should have done this a long time ago. Doug