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If you’re facing a Michigan embezzlement charge, or a potential embezzlement charge, then you already know you need legal protection. This means more than just legal representation – it means you need someone who can take over and help protect you from the stress as well as the legal fallout of an embezzlement case.

My team and I can help and protect you, your freedom, and your record if you are facing an embezzlement case brought anywhere in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb or the surrounding counties. We have handled countless embezzlement cases, and look upon these charges as a primary focus of our criminal practice.

In the various articles about Michigan embezzlement cases posted on our blog, I pointed out that there is often a certain psychology involved in these cases. It is not uncommon for someone to take money or property from an employer, often with the intent of paying it back, and only doing it that one time. For any of many reasons, however, it happens again, and after a while, without intending to ever do so, the person falls into a habit, if not a financial dependence, on continuing to supplement their earnings this way. It may be regrettable, and it may have never been intended, but it happens…

At some point, either the company’s loss prevention department, or a police detective calls. Sometimes, with smaller employers, it’s the bookkeeper that calls.

Often enough, we get called at this stage. This is really when my team and I should get involved, if possible. Of course, bottom line is don’t say a thing to anyone, period.

In many case, charges brought; sometimes rather soon, other times, months later. These charges can range from misdemeanor, small time affairs to felony cases involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. Within the same one week period, for example, our firm has handled one case involving about $250 worth of taken merchandise and another case involving over $500,000 worth of diverted funds.

By the time embezzlement charges are brought, there has usually been a thorough investigation into the matter. In many of the cases we’ve handled, little doubt about what the client has done. Nevertheless, the evidence has to be carefully examined. The lawyer for person charged with embezzlement has to be on the lookout for excessive claims of loss by the person making the complaint, as there is a tendency, when this charge is brought, for the former employer to claim everything they can, including the kitchen sink.

And for all of that, you’ll never find any problems with the evidence if you don’t look. No case dismisses itself, nor do good outcomes produce themselves. This is where our experience and skill matters.

The most important part of any embezzlement case is, of course, keeping the client out of jail. No one can turn back the hands of time and undo what has been done, but taking control of the situation to produce the very best outcome possible can produce a dramatically better result than what might appear so dire, at first glance. With diligence and hard work, jail can usually be avoided.

Of almost equal importance is protecting your record. Our job is to either keep everything off of your record, or at least keep it as clean as possible, and avoid that “taint” that an embezzlement conviction carries with it.

The next priority in an embezzlement case is what is known as “restitution.” This means getting the victim repaid. Options here run from making plea deals that will keep the entire charge off of a person’s record, to owing an amount so large, that, in truth, it can and will never be repaid. The best way to describe how restitution is handled, and how it can be used to a client’s advantage is the old saying “money talks, and bull$**t walks.”

Embezzlement cases can involve complex facts. A person needs a Lawyer with extensive experience handling these cases. We have that experience. Nobody can help you and protect you better than my team and I.