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Comprehensive Legal Fee Guide

All Fees Listed Effective as of June 4, 2024

License Restoration:

  • $4,650 total divided into 3 payments of $1,550

Ignition Interlock Violations:

  • From $1,300

Drunk Driving:

  • First (1st) Offense DUI: From $4,800
  • High BAC charge: From $5,200
  • Second (2nd) Offense DUI: From $5,800
  • Third (3rd) Offense (Felony) DUI: From $9,600

Implied Consent Driver’s License Appeal:

  • From $2,000 plus court filing fee

Misdemeanor Cases:

  • Driving While License Suspended/Revoked: From $1,600
  • Indecent Exposure: From $2,600
  • Embezzlement: From $2,600
  • Probation Violation: From $1,600
  • All Other Misdemeanor Cases: From $1,600
  • Misdemeanor Traffic Violations (excluding DUI): From $1,600
  • Domestic Violence: From $2,600
  • Expungements: From $1,800

Felony Cases:

  • Offenses punishable by 4 or more years: From $7,600
  • High Court Misdemeanors (2 year offenses) From $4,800
  • Probation Violations: From $1,600

Civil Infractions:

  • From $400

The “From” language means that the fees may be higher in some cases, depending on factors such as the charge(s), complexity of the case, or location and/or procedure of the specific court. A firm price is always provided in advance.

1/2 down is required in DUI and felony cases, and remainder due within 30 days OR before the conclusion of the case, whichever is earlier.

Most misdemeanor cases require full payment up front.

Fees listed are effective as of June 4, 2024.

Prices subject to change without notice, and what is listed here supersedes any reference made elsewhere, including any other section of this site, or within any article posted on our blog. All cases are handled on a “flat fee” basis.

All fees paid are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Office staff reserves the right to quote and set a fee different from what is listed here.