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Areas We Serve

Please note, the following represents a selection of the courts where we frequently represent clients in criminal and DUI matters. This list is not exhaustive, and our experience spans across numerous jurisdictions. Should you have inquiries regarding a specific court not mentioned here, feel free to contact us for more information.

Our driver’s license restoration practice is truly GLOBAL – We handle driver’s license restoration cases statewide and clear Michigan holds on driving records no matter where in the country – or even the world – you may live.

If you have had your driver’s license revoked because of multiple DUI’s and/or drugged driving cases, or have lost your driving privileges because of a Michigan hold on your driving record that prevents you from obtaining or renewing a license in another state, we can help.

By contrast, our DUI and criminal practice is local – We strongly believe in providing each client with help based on real-world experience in the court where his or her case is pending.

By concentrating our DUI and criminal representation in the various courts of the Metro-Detroit area, meaning Wayne, Oakland, Macomb (and the surrounding counties of Lapeer, Livingston and St. Clair), we know what works best in them.

At its most basic, driver’s license restoration matters are state matters. A person’s underlying DUI’s may have been local, but it was the state – the Michigan Secretary of State – that imposed sanctions and ultimately revoked his or her driver’s license (or, for out-of-state residents, their operating privileges within Michigan).

This is very different from criminal and DUI cases, which are very local. Things like the attitude of the prosecutor, the courtroom procedure, and the temperament of the Judge vary from place to place, and can often be quite different from one jurisdiction to the next.

This means that an otherwise identical criminal or DUI case in one court can play out very differently in another court, and that’s often the case. This really highlights the importance of having repeat experience in the same circle of courts, rather than trying to be all things to all people and accepting criminal and DUI cases all over the place.

We don’t do that. We get to the same courtrooms day-in and day-out, and know what works in each, and, just as important – what doesn’t.

Driver’s license restoration and clearance appeals are essentially the same state-wide. All license appeals are filed with the Michigan Secretary of State in Lansing.

There are, of course, some differences in how the various hearing officers do things, but because of their limited number, we know exactly how to do things across the board – so much so that we GUARANTEE to win every first-time driver’s license restoration or clearance case we take.

In the real world, there is less difference between any of the hearing officers within the state than one might find between 2 Judges working in the very same courthouse.

The notion that our license practice is global is NOT an overstatement. We handle around 200 driver’s license restoration and clearance cases each year, and at least 1/3 of them are for people who do not or no longer live in Michigan.

Many of these are people who have moved to other states, but some, for various reasons, like military or employment purposes, have moved outside of the country.