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New Baltimore DUI

The 42-2 District Court in New Baltimore is one of Macomb County’s busier Courts. Located on 23 Mile Road well east of I-94, Presiding Judge William Hackel III jokes that his Court is notable for being near the “last Meijer this side of Port Huron.” Serving the cities of New Baltimore and New Haven, as well as the Townships of Chesterfield and Lenox, and housed in a rather new, modern facility, it can seem a bit off the beaten path. Yet it’s one of the best places to be if you have the bad luck of facing a DUI charge.

In the companion blog article about the New Baltimore District Court, I noted that Judge William Hackel is just a wonderful asset to the Macomb County Judiciary. His father was longtime former County Sheriff William Hackel, and his brother, Mark Hackel, is the current County Executive, and the previous County Sheriff, as well. An awesome pedigree, but one might wonder if that background wouldn’t make him somewhat biased toward Law Enforcement.

Not a chance…

Judge Hackel is the most fair, decent, down-to-earth Judge to ever hold the Office. He has a natural ability to talk to a DUI Driver (or anyone else, for that matter) in a way that is conversational. This, I have been told by my Clients, makes them leave the Court wanting to follow the Judge’s Orders not simply out of fear of getting locked up, but out of a genuine desire to not want to disappoint him. In my experience as a DUI attorney in his Michigan courtroom, I have noticed his ability to talk with people, and not just talk at or to them.

Judge Hackel is a thoughtful man who assesses all the facts of a case, and can be persuaded to let someone prove themselves on Probation, or even to avoid Probation, if he can see a genuine remorse in them coupled with a real desire to stay out of trouble. Yet anyone who might mistakenly think he’s a “softie” will no doubt be talking about how they misjudged him to their cellmate…

As a Macomb County Michigan DUI Lawyer (the name of this site, “www.macombduidefense” is a not so subtle clue to that effect) I not only keep my Clients out of Jail, and help them avoid getting stuck on “Probation from Hell,” I do, in many cases, help them avoid getting stuck on any kind of Probation at all. I have handled hundreds of DUI cases in this Court, and I know rather well how to work things out here.

Often enough, a DUI charge might languish for a number of weeks before a person ever gets Notice of their first Court date. Once the case gets going, however, this Court is as efficient as any, and manages to be that way with a staff that is always pleasant and courteous.

Fines and Costs in this Court tend toward the more affordable side.