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As Michigan DUI lawyers, we get emails and questions all the time asking about our fees. In fact, one of THE most common question we’re asked is “how much to you charge?”
Unlike everyone else, though, our firm actually lists our Fees, both on this website and on our blog. Nobody else does that.
If you’re on a mobile device, tap the “More” button at the top of the page, and then scroll down to “Fees.”
If you’re on a computer, look up.
Do you see it?
A lot of people miss this, not because it’s hidden in any way (it’s right there, after all), but rather because nobody expects to find a lawyer or law firm publishing anything like that. Why?
What’s the big secret about fees, anyway?
My team and I believe in transparency, and we operate by the principle to “treat everyone as you would wish to be treated.” To us, that means being upfront about price and actually listing our charges. How much a lawyer is going to cost should NEVER be any kind of secret.
That makes our office different from everyone else, but in a good way.
When we’re on the consumer side of things, my team and I try to stay away from any business that is secretive about costs.
Everything ultimately comes down to money, and if that subject isn’t handled honestly and openly, then (at least to us), that’s a huge red flag.
We understand that some lawyers want to “sell themselves” before talking money. We also understand that some lawyers want to “gauge” how much they should charge based upon what they determine a client can or will pay.
We realize that those tactics are, in fact, widely used, but we don’t agree with them, and our firm doesn’t use them.
Here again, we circle back to the ideal of treating others as you would want to be treated. That’s the principle by which my team and I operate, and being clear about money is an important part of that.
Think about it like this: If your furnace goes out on a cold winter day, you don’t want the company you call to charge you twice as much because you seem to have a better ability to pay, or, because you need it fixed right away, and are therefore vulnerable.
Most people would probably agree that it is morally wrong for some company to charge the next customer way more, for the very same service, just because they can get away with it. That’s dishonest, and it’s just plain wrong.
Fair is fair, and the way we see it, a legal fee is fair when it is based upon the likely work for a particular case, and not simply that it’s the most a lawyer can manage to “get” from someone.
We’re not saying that every lawyer does that, but we are the ONLY lawyers (at least that we know of) who actually publish their fees online.
It doesn’t matter to us if someone is of average means, or is filthy rich; our prices are the same for everyone, just like the prices at the grocery store, the hospital, and just about everywhere else.
That’s fair.
Our prices are far from cheap, but they’re not outrageous, either.
Anyone price-shopping, or looking for a “deal” should keep on looking right past us, because we do NOT compete with anyone else based on cost, and we are nowhere near the most affordable.
We are a premium DUI law firm, offering top-notch legal representation, and we charge accordingly.
Remember: Success in a DUI case is always best measured by what does NOT happen to you.
That said, it’s important to keep in mind that, although a person will never get better legal services than what he or she pays for, it is also true that lots of lawyers charge WAY more than they really are worth.
It is an unfortunate fact that too many lawyers charge premium fees for nothing more than average legal services.
Worse yet, because nobody else discloses their charges up front, a potential client has to waste a lot of time before he or she ever even finds out what some lawyer or law firm is going to cost.
That’s ridiculous.
If you want to know much we charge, just have a look.
If our fees are more than what someone wants to pay, they can see that for themselves and don’t have to waste their time – or ours.
It’s worth repeating – how much a lawyer charges for a DUI case should NEVER be any kind of secret.  
It wasn’t some stroke of marketing genius that inspired us to list our fees back on our first website many years ago; it just seemed like the right thing to do, and we’ve just done it ever since.
The age-old practice of keeping prices “quiet” is outdated, especially now, in the information age. It doesn’t make any sense that someone can find almost unlimited information on just about every aspect of DUI cases online, but can’t find a single price for a DUI lawyer.
Our fees always start out with a “from” amount, but that’s an honest disclaimer because it can, on occasion, take more time to handle a case in one court versus another, or the facts can make it significantly more complicated, and therefore, more time-consuming.
Those are the exceptions, though. In most cases, the “from” price is the final price.
However, if a case will cost more than that “from” price we list, my team and I will ALWAYS quote the exact amount over the phone once we get the necessary details, and in NO circumstances is the final price ever significantly more than that “from” price.
Finding the answer to “How much do you charge?” should always be easy – and with our firm, it is.