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Most of my Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Clients are not involved in AA. The facts are rather simple and stark: I Guarantee that I will win any Michigan License Appeal I accept, I have an overall win rate of about 98%, and more than one-half of my Clients are do not attend AA. Contrary to a popular misconception, it is NOT necessary to be involved in AA to win back your License.

In the preceding section, I noted that being involved in AA is beneficial to a Michigan License Restoration case. Yet beneficial is a far cry from necessary. A commitment to Sobriety is the most important part of the ability to win back a Driver’s License that was Revoked because of multiple DUI’s. With some quality Sober time (at least 1 year, although usually a bit more) and a fundamental understanding of the need to remain alcohol-free, a person does not need to be involved in AA in order to win their Driver’s License Restoration case.

Amongst the more than half of my Clients for whom I win back the privilege to drive again who are not involved in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), most have had some prior contact with the program. Whatever the reason or reasons a person did not continue with AA, they almost all report that they learned a few things while they did attend. The most important lesson to have taken from AA is that they cannot drink again, ever. They learned, in whatever terms, how AA’s first step, being “powerless over alcohol” applies to them, and that at its core, it simply means that they can never safely drink again.

Of course, some of my Clients have never been to AA. As long as they are Sober, and committed to remaining Sober, I can get them back on the road. Whatever else, AA is not necessary to win a Michigan Driver’s License Restoration Appeal.