Our Prices for License Cases

Our firm clearly lists EXACTLY how much we charge for every driver’s license restoration, clearance or ignition interlock violation case, both on this site and blog. 

By publishing our prices we are unlike any other lawyer or law firm. Nobody else does that.  

Since “how much?” is one of the first things a person will wonder (or ask), it should also be one of the first things they can find. 

A lot of people miss it, but the Fees section is right there:
  • If you’re on a mobile device, hit the “More” button above, and then the “Fees” button that’s displayed.
  • If you’re on a computer, look up at the top of the page; you’ll find the “Fees” section there.  
Just to make it easy, though, here’s the link: Fees.

The reason we don’t list the actual prices in this section is that it does change from time to time, and years ago, I learned the hard way that the more places it gets published, the more places that need to be updated when it does.

Clearly disclosing prices has always been a staple of way our practice does things, and is an important part of our overall transparent approach to providing legal services.  

There is simply no good reason for a lawyer or law firm to be evasive, unclear, or otherwise not upfront about costs. 

It’s easy to talk about being honest and transparent and all that, but we actually follow through by publishing how much we charge for license appeals, DUI cases, and everything else we do.

And even though we seem to be alone in the practice of listing our fees, it’s something every other lawyer should do. This isn’t groundbreaking stuff; it’s common courtesy and common sense.

I ask this same question in the DUI section of this site: What’s the big secret about fees, anyway?

Our firm is not and never has been in competition with anyone else in terms of quality of service or the costs for them. 

We are a premium practice that GUARANTEES to win every driver’s license restoration and clearance appeal case we take, and we charge accordingly.

Nobody comes close to understanding the development, diagnosis and treatment of and recovery from alcohol and substance abuse problems like my team and I. 

We are a recovery-based practice, and we use that knowledge to win cases

Between this site and the hundreds of articles on the Driver's License Restoration section of my blog, I provide more useful information about the license restoration process than can be found everywhere else on the internet COMBINED.  

Accordingly, our fees reflect the fact that our services - and our guaranteed results - are unsurpassed.

Sometimes, a business will list a price to show itself as the most affordable, or at least as competitive in that regard.

Anyone looking for the “best price” should just click right on by, because ours won’t be that.  

However, we’ll be glad to go toe-to-toe with any other lawyer or law firm over the number of cases we handle and the amount of them that we win. We are totally confident in our ability to win every restoration and clearance appeal case we take, and that’s we guarantee our work.

In fact, beyond a list of our prices, the reader will find that we provide something else not found on any other legal website: 

We strongly encourage anyone looking for a lawyer to be a wise consumer, do his or her homework, and compare lawyers.

What other lawyer or law firm does that?

Unfortunately, the approach of many law firms is to “hook ‘em and book ‘em.” Get them in for a “consultation,” as fast as possible, and send them out with a signed retainer agreement.

Not us.

We WANT anyone who ultimately becomes our client to be an informed consumer and read around. 

The simple fact is that there is simply no downside to a person exploring his or her options when it comes to hiring a lawyer, especially, for something as important as a license appeal case. 

Sadly, this reality goes unmentioned on any other legal site.

Our consultations have always been free, confidential, and done over the phone, right when a person calls, during normal business hours (M-F, 8:30 to 5:00 EST).  

We have never believed in dragging someone in to talk about their case. And because we do our consultations by phone, there is no “hook ‘em and book ‘em” strategy at play with us, and we don’t use any other kind of tricks or high-pressure tactics to land a client, either.

In fact, we not only suggest that everyone potential client call around, we also invite them to call us back and compare notes with anything they hear from some other lawyer.

This circles right back to the golden rule principle of treating others as you would want to be treated.  

In our case, being clear and upfront about price is something we expect when we’re the consumers, and we therefore couldn’t imagine doing anything less when we’re on the other side of the deal. 
Client Reviews
Five stars hands down!! Jeff and his legal team represented me in a seemingly impossible situation. I had many obstacles to overcome, in the end I walked out with with my driving privileges reinstated. Jeff and his team were very helpful Peter
Thank you for your knowledge and help in winning restoration of my driving privileges. I tried before on my own, lost (of course) and am glad I found your site. Katie
Just wanted to thank you for winning my license appeal. I was so happy when I got the letter in the mail that said I had won. I thank you so much for all your help and would be so happy to give your name to anyone who needs to get their license back. Mike
I wanted to thank you for taking my case. I would tell anybody trying to get their License back they need to talk to you. I should have done this a long time ago. Doug