The First Thing you Should do After a DUI Arrest

If you’ve been arrested for a DUI in The Greater-Detroit area (meaning anywhere in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb, Lapeer, Livingston, St. Clair or Washtenaw County), the very first thing you should do is NOT be in a rush to do anything.

Although it can seems difficult to do otherwise - don’t panic! You need to take your time to find the right Michigan DUI lawyer for your case. 

Seriously; one of the worst things a person can do following a DUI arrest is act out of fear and rush to hire an attorney. It’s normal to “freak out” in this situation, but that also makes it a very bad time to make any kind of big decision, like which lawyer to retain.  

Instead, slow down, take a little time, and check around.

As much as it seems that getting a lawyer right away is the first thing you ought to do, it’s not. As experienced Michigan DUI lawyers, our firm knows that here is nothing any attorney can or will do right away that will make any positive difference in a DUI case.  

This is especially true for people who look for a DUI attorney over the weekend

It’s not like a lawyer can do anything immediately, or otherwise “hit the ground running” to any advantage on Monday.  

The simple fact is that a winning legal defense and a good strategy comes about through deliberate planning after a careful analysis of the facts and evidence. It is entirely misguided to pretend otherwise.  

Therefore, anyone fresh off of a DUI arrest should absolutely take a little time, “chill out," and compare lawyers.

Of course, that is, in a sense, like saying “calm down” to someone who is really upset, but the fact is, you need to think your way through this, not flail around in panic.  

No matter what, finding the right Michigan DUI attorney for your case is best done with a clear, cool head.  

Of course, it’s in some lawyer’s best financial interest to be the first to respond to someone who is stressed out and feels a compelling need to hire legal counsel right away, but that doesn’t make it right - especially for the client.

In that regard, it’s exactly NOT in our financial interest to say these things - which is also exactly why the reader should pay attention!

It would certainly be more profitable for us to simply say “Call Now!” like everyone else, but the truth is that it is always better for the client to check around and do some comparison shopping when looking for a lawyer.


There is simply no downside to being a smart consumer.

Accordingly, a potential client should avoid any lawyer not confident enough in him or herself to suggest anything less.  

A truly good lawyer will not only encourage this - like we're doing right here - but will also invite the person to call in for a consultation, and then feel free to call back, even if just to “compare notes” with anything some other lawyer has said.

We do that with everyone who calls us.

There isn't a single good reason for a person to NOT explore his or her options - but to be clear - that has nothing to do with price-shopping.  

Anyone interested in the "best price" can skip calling us, or any of the better DUI lawyers, for that matter. 

My team and I don't compete on price, and ours will be nowhere near the cheapest. Unlike everyone else, though, we are never secretive about cost, and publish our Fees online.

Whatever else, when it comes to legal representation, a person will never get what they don’t pay for. Any lawyer who thinks one of his or her best qualities is being “affordable” or who is otherwise too focused on being price-competitive is marketing their services in a way that’s really a race to the bottom.  

On the flip side, however, it is very easy for someone to pay too much for a lawyer.  

For every cut-rate attorney out there, it’s easy to find even more who charge premium fees for nothing more than average legal services. Too many lawyers charge far more that they're actually worth. 

No matter what, you hire a lawyer to get you out of trouble, and to protect you from as many of the legal penalties and negative consequences as possible. The gold standard in that regard is that success in a DUI case is best measured by what does NOT happen to you.


If you're facing a Michigan DUI charge, take the time to read around, and then call around. You can learn a lot by speaking to a live person. 

If you feel any “pressure” when you contact a lawyer or law firm, that’s a red flag. No lawyer worth hiring will ever push someone to do anything other than check around and invite him or her to call back, just like our firm does.

A genuinely good lawyer wants to know that he or she was chosen as being the best for the job, not merely the fastest or the first to call back.

Think about it: Most people put in a little time when they look for something like a new refrigerator or TV. Why would a person ever consider doing anything less when making a decision as important as hiring a lawyer to handle something as significant as a DUI?

Don’t make that mistake: Be a wise consumer and do your homework.
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