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The short answer is that we guarantee to win your license appeal. You simply cannot do better than that. 
This completely removes any risk when you hire me and my team as your Michigan driver’s license reinstatement lawyers. But there is more to us than just a guarantee. We don’t just take any old case that comes our way. We will only take on people who are really sober, meaning alcohol-free, and who are genuinely committed to remaining that way.  
And for what it’s worth, most of our clients are NOT involved in AA.
Our firm’s success has everything to do with being genuine and truthful. We don’t try and “game” or scam the system. We are honest, play by the rules, and win our cases fair and square. We are the only Michigan drivers license attorney (that we know of) who  screen for and require sobriety to accept a case while also guaranteeing to win it. 
You can be willing to pay our fee all day long, but if you’re not sober, and you think you can still drink, we’re not interested, and won’t take your case. In other words, you need more than just a retainer to hire us. This makes us different.
The primary concern for anyone considering a license appeal is winning
Yet to my team and I, it’s also about ethics and integrity. Our integrity is not for sale. We’re not willing to just take somebody’s money to hold their hand and walk them through the license appeal process without being sure that we can win their case. 
We are “in it to win it,” and, because of our guarantee, are truly invested in your success. As the old saying goes, anything worth doing is worth doing right.
Our blog is the biggest and best online library about the Michigan driver’s license restoration and clearance process you can find anywhere. It is a resource used by lawyers and non-lawyers alike. It’s a given that, if you speak with any other lawyer about license appeals, he or she has learned plenty from it. 
I write and publish at least 1 new article every week, making me, quite literally, the guy who wrote (and is still writing) the library of books on this subject.
Beyond all the legal stuff, I have an unsurpassed knowledge of the clinical side of things, as well. Years after becoming a lawyer, I returned to the University campus and classroom, and completed a formal post-graduate program of addiction studies. 
This matters, because license appeals focus specifically on a person’s relationship to alcohol (and drugs), both past and present. My understanding of the development, diagnosis, treatment of these problems, as well as the many ways people recover from them, provides a huge advantage to my clients. 
My team and I use this specialized knowledge to win our cases, and that’s one of the key reasons we guarantee to do so in every restoration and clearance appeal case we take. 
There is no other lawyer or law firm that understands more about the clinical aspects of the diagnosis of and recovery from an alcohol problem and how it impacts the 2 most critical issues legal issues in license appeal cases as my team and I.
This is the kind of stuff we work on all day, every day. The main focus of our firm’s working life is on alcohol, sobriety, and driving issues – from driver’s license restoration to DUI cases.
It’s important to remember that, under Michigan law, anyone who has racked up 2 DUI’s within 7 years, or 3 DUI’s within 10 years is categorized as a “Habitual Alcohol Offender,” and, as a result, is presumed to have some sort of alcohol problem.
In order to win a license appeal, a person must prove to the Secretary of State that his or her presumed alcohol problem is”under control,” and “likely to remain under control.” 
That means he or she has been, and will continue to stay sober. 
If we didn’t require sobriety as a condition to accept a Michigan license reinstatement appeal, or even if we could win a license back for someone who could “fool” the Secretary of State about their commitment to sobriety, what would that say about us? What kind of person would do that? 
Not me or any of my team.
You can bet that this insistence on real sobriety has cost us a lot of money. We would collect a lot more fees if we did not mandate sobriety as a “first requirement” to accept a Michigan driver’s license restoration case. 
Yet the payoff to our firm, while perhaps not calculable in dollars, is huge. We feel really good about what we do. 
We never help some risky drinker get back behind the wheel where they could hurt someone. My team and I have a rock solid reputation for only filing license appeals for people who have honestly quit drinking, and we have no intention of ever doing anything different. Ever. 
This is exactly why we win almost every single one of our Michigan drivers license restoration and clearance cases the first time around, and why we guarantee that, if we take your case, we’ll win it.
Underlying every license case we take is truthfulness
As the case moves forward and we prepare for their hearing, we reassure every one of our clients that beyond all the details we’ve covered, above and beyond all the evidence we’ve put together, and on top of everything else we’ve done, we’re going in to tell the truth, and nothing can top that.
Yes, we’re different, and yes, that costs us money, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Would you?